URBAN Shutters Derby

Customised Product

The shutters we offer are custom fabricated in the UK and are guaranteed to meet your precise requirements. We design the product to provide an elegant look that incorporates the durability of polysilk vinyl. The end result is a window covering that is resistant to all peeling, chipping, and cracking. The state-of-the-art facilities in which these are made make certain that the individual louvres are spaced precisely to create an ideal appearance.

Impressive Durability

Our shutters utilise an operating system that includes Louvrelink connecting mechanisms that are extremely durable and facilitate opening and closing in either direction, providing the ultimate in privacy. This process eliminates the need for staples.

Fast Production

Because our shutters are produced in the UK, the custom fabrication can occur in timely, efficient fashion. From first consultation to final delivery and fitting, the shutter purchasing process is fast and easy. We pride ourselves on remaining on call to answer all questions customers may have, no matter when they arise.

Style Versatility

Our shutters can be purchased in an array of decorative frame options suitable for just about any design style.

Home Insulation Qualities

The shutters we produce can ameliorate external noise and reduce air conditioning and heating expenses because of the tremendous insulation and cellular shade structure.

Tidy Appearance

The shutters’ spring-loaded design and self-levelling structure makes certain that when the panels are closed, they remain completely level.

Simplified Cleaning

These shutters clean with ease with nothing more than lukewarm water and soap. With a bit of simple, routine maintenance, the polysilk vinyl finish can remain pristine.

Ongoing Beauty

Urban Shutters are perfect for the hectic lives everyone leads these days. They do not need to be painted or re-stained, because the colours are integrated into the louvres themselves. Of great benefit is the additional fact that denting and scratching that may occur will not permanently mark the appearance of the shutters, because they can simply be sanded away. It is even possible to replace louvres individually by snapping the old one out and swapping in a new one.

Stylistic Variety

Customers may choose from 63mm louvres or 89 mm louvres, both of which are offered in Arctic White and Cotton White. This makes it easy to achieve the desired look. Lower rails can be had in either a 50 mm or 100 mm size, allowing for further customisation.

Light Control Flexibility

The “Duplex” mechanism on the shutters’ tilt bar permits optimal control of the light that enters a room. This simply means that it is possible to keep the top section of the shutters open for extra light and the bottom portion closed to ensure privacy.

Fire Retardant Features

Urban Shutters meet all applicable UK standards for flame retardant properties. As such, they are perfect for domestic and commercial applications alike.

Water Resistance

Moisture is no danger when it comes to Urban Shutters. Their polysilk vinyl construction renders them ideal for humid or even wet conditions, such as those found in bathroom and kitchen spaces.

Safe For Children

Urban Shutters feature a no-cord construction that keeps young children safe from harm.

Environmentally Friendly

Our shutters are made to meet all regulations with regard to the release of organic compounds. Further, they are fully recyclable.

Quality Guarantee

Urban Shutters are sold with a 10-year warranty, the terms and conditions of which are available to customers upon request.

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